In the News: Recent coverage of Showpeople’s Yards in Glasgow

Photograph: Chris Leslie for The Guardian (2018)

The proposed relocation of families from the two Govan show yards at Water Row has attracted considerable press attention this year. For easy reference, we have brought together all the major press coverage of the situation in Govan and wider issues faced by Showman’s Yards in Glasgow, listed in order of publication.

The views expressed in the articles are those of the participants.

When the fun fair stops: Showpeople call for fair deal in Govan (Karin Goodwin, The Herald, 18th February 2018)

‘We want to keep our heritage alive’: Govan’s last showpeople fight eviction and regeneration.’ (Ian Marland, iNews, 25 March 2018)

‘We’re Endangered: The Glasgow Showpeople battling eviction’, (Karin Goodwin, Guardian Cities, 9 July 2018 )

Gentrification threatens Glasgow’s carnival families, (Channel 4 News Report, 30 July 2018)


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