Showtime in Glasgow and Paris

captureJust thought I’d draw your attention to some interesting things related to showpeople. Firstly there is a photographic exhibition in the foyer of Trongate 103 Glasgow (where I am the attendant) which may be of interest:

The Forgotten Collective 4/4 (Reprise)
The work of Steven Scott – No Money Refund – 10 photographs documenting the showpeople in Dalmarnock, including a nice one of Melvin in his workshop.
A free booklet is available – I will put some aside for you. Exhibition is organised by Street Level Photoworks and runs from 6-30 Aug 2015.

As you know, I get the opportunity to travel all over the world and recently visited the Musee des Arts Forains in Paris. I’ve enclosed the link

It’s the Fairground Museum and is exactly the kind of place we’d love to have in Glasgow (in our dreams…). I booked online in advance and took the English speaking tour which lasted 2 hours. Only 10% of the collection is on view; the other 90% is stored on the premises which is a beautifully restored wine warehouse. You can touch everything and we had the opportunity to go on the carousel and a very old velodrome style machine
This went round at 60km per hour and was quite hair-raising – you are advised not to wear scarves or anything that can get caught in the machinery!
The owners of the museum make their living by renting the space out in the evening/weekends for weddings and conferences.
I have the feeling that Melvin or Mitch have already visited this museum in the past but if you are going to Paris, make a point of visiting, you won’t be disappointed.

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