Handling Objects

Working with schools in the museum, Learning & Access use displays to bring history to life and to start conversations about all sorts of topics. As we are not allowed to touch most of the objects in the museum, we use ‘handling objects’ to make the experience as true to real life as possible.

We have original objects which pupils can carefully hold and touch.


Some handling objects are too fragile for whole classes to touch but they can be demonstrated up-close by the Learning staff. Children enjoy watching the turntable spin and listening to records on this original 1920s gramophone.


Everyday objects are also used to aid pupil’s learning.


Objects are often generously donated to Learning & Access and are key to the work that we do. Handling objects also allow us to communicate more effectively with visitors who have additional learning needs, visual impairments, hearing impairments and little or no English language. Objects are used to encourage reminiscence among older visitors.

So don’t forget that Learning & Access handling objects can be an excellent way to have your story told directly to visitors in the museum!


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